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Review of Grain Brain by Dr Perlmutter (Low Carb - High Fat Eating)

Posted by Gail Bowman on

Dr David Perlmutter

by Gail Bowman

I have just finished reading Grain Brain, by Dr David Perlmutter; twice.  This book was fantastic and I would highly recommend it for EVERYONE who cares at all about your health. I am going to be sending a copy to each my 4 daughters.

I am not new to most of the concepts in the book.  I started off my wellness journey with Jordan Rubin's Primal Defense back in 2003, then started changing my diet with The Makers Diet in 2004.  I have long known that white flour and sweets are "off the table."

Over the years, and through my own recovery from Lupus (SLE), I have learned that I don't tolerate gluten well, that I need a certain amount of sunlight, that I feel terrible if I indulge in a beer or a sweet treat, etc.

Then, about 18 months ago, I was told by my doctor to take between 9000 and 18000 mg of fish oil a day.  No, I didn't misplace those zeros.  I was told that eighteen thousand milligrams of fish oil would help with my digestive issues, hormonal issues, and lots more.  Did I laugh?  Absolutely!!  But I conceded to try 6000 mg.  Within 2 weeks I was feeling better.  My digestive problems had gotten amazingly better.  I couldn't believe it.  Since then, I have been taking 9000 mg of fish oil a day (I take a variety) and I have made sure that I get at least 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in me a day.  My digestive problems, which were better due to the Primal Defense and Omegazyme, then better still because of the Amasai, have become almost a thing of the past!

I can now comfortably eat grass fed butter and no amount of olive oil or coconut oil, or even avocados, seems to bother me.  I am still a little nervous about grass fed beef since Jordan stopped producing it, and I only eat Jordan's cheese or goat cheese.  But, overall, I am so much better that I rarely think about it.

I say all of that to say this:  I knew that gluten was bad for me and that good fats were good for me. However, Dr Perlmutter's book was a shocking eye-opener!

He starts out by telling us what gluten really is and what it really does to your body.  Not to just those few who are "gluten intolerant", but to EVERYBODY's bodies!  His explanation is extremely clear, "Gluten sensitivity - with or without the presence of celiac - increases the production of inflammatory cytokines, and those inflammatory cytokines are pivotal players in neuro-degenerative conditions. Moreover, no organ is more susceptible to the deleterious (damaging) effects of inflammation than the brain." "It's time we created new standards for what it means to be gluten sensitive. The problem with gluten is far more serious than anyone ever imagined, and its impact on society is far greater than we've ever estimated."

Dr P goes on to explain that it is possible that everyone is "gluten sensitive" to the extent that it may very well affect your brain function.  He also explains that the body responds to gluten with some of the same receptors that it responds to opium.  That's right!  You are addicted to gluten, and if you try to get off of it, you may have withdrawal symptoms!  I don't know about you, but (with the exception of caffeine, because I know I am addicted, and I am just not willing to give that one up) if someone tells me I am addicted to something and it is damaging my brain, I am going to run - not walk - run the other way!

Dr P also shoots 'right out of the sky' some of our most tightly held myths.  I read the book, I have demonstrated these things in my own life, and I am still having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that these are lies:

1. A Low-fat, high-carb diet is good. LIE!

2. Cholesterol is bad. LIE!

3. Very High Cholesterol is dangerous and may cause a build up in the veins leading to heart disease. LIE!

4. Alzheimer's is something that just strikes many older people for no reason. LIE!

5. Statin drugs will keep you from having a heart attack. PANTS ON FIRE  LIE!!

6. If you have a heart attack, you should go off the bacon and fatty foods. LIE!

These are myths - LIES -  that are incorrect, not facts.  These are all myths that our pharmaceutical and the profit based special interest groups have brain washed us with over the last century.  Why?  TO MAKE A BUCK!

Why do you care?  Because our society is going brain dead and literally dropping like flies.  I watched it happen to my father and my father-in-law.

Dr P spends a significant portion of the book explaining how we can avoid heart disease, Alzheimer's, and many other neurological diseases by: --wait for it-- eating fat!

I have a friend who is in his early 50s.  He works out every day. His is not overweight. He eats only the "right" healthy foods.  His wife is a nutritional counselor and they are very careful to eat right and take care of themselves.  HE just had a "widow maker" heart attack in the spring of this year.  (Praise God he survived!) Why did the doctor say that he had the heart attack?  Too many carbs: healthy or not. What was he advised to eat after his heart attack?  Bacon, butter, coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil, fatty beef, pork, cheese, nuts.  As much good fat as he could get into his day.  His doctor is paying attention to the research, not the brain-washing yammer from the profit seeking main stream.  Good on him!!

Read this book.

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